I Started Up a Podcast and I’ve Released Eleven Episodes so it’s Kind of a Big Deal Now

The podcast is about applied Christian spirituality explored through the lens of the scientific method. Each episode discusses a hypothesis of a spiritual principle, then proposes an experiment in which that spiritual principle can be further discovered and understood. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds!

You can listen to all the episodes on your favorite podcast app (Apple, Google, Stitcher, etc.) or find them all on The God Experiment website. 

I hope you enjoy it!


a poem written today — idk seemed cool might delete later

May you fasten your imagery
to the shoulders of the New Yorker’s overblown
and let them melt as Icarus wax
too close to the sun of fame.
Your Daedalus is the anxiety of influence
blooming always in your ambition
to wow with craft.
So perhaps relax as though birdwatching.
Enjoy the words as they come to you—
syllables hovering along a satisfied ocean.